I am Home …
How beautiful is it to come home and reflect in what has been… the food, the street graffiti, the little country lanes, the villages,  the shoes, the castles, the ruins,  the retail windows in London, the stone houses, cobbled roads,  fields of stones and fences from rocks. 
The people are delightful. The tourists are demanding. 
The greenery and wind swept hills where Druids and Pagan rituals were of the day, and potatoes was all they could grow in Ireland. Hard lands and rugged coasts. Black pudding, Scottish Mutton Pies, Haggis and Guinness… finally I got to taste where they all originally came from. I was bought up on these as a little girl in Dunedin.
 I didn’t do any shopping, like I would have done in years gone by, as I travelled to shop for samples and ideas back then.  The treasures that I did come home with were my Top Hat, Irish and Scottish linen, plus many photos and experiences. I have fresh eyes so I am seeing my world a little differently.

If you would like to see some photos from my travels visit The Carpenters Daughter on Facebook. 
It's great to be home ....
Love being back in my little store, see you soon

Caroline x

New Items Added To Sale
LaLA Ponti Jacket ($395) $276
Thumbelina Tunic ($175) $110
Ring My Bell ($199) $110
Things are changing at TCD.
Hedi will be taking over at the Tirau store and is looking forward to styling you up in the latest styles. 
 We wish Suzie only the best in her new position. I thank her for her continuous good style and service that she has given to all of you when you have visited Tirau store.